DB4IoT was built from the ground up to tackle the enormous data challenges presented by the Internet of Moving Things. DB4IoT is a patented, highly-performant, time-series, geospatial database engine that is the core of our suite of Internet of Moving Things software tools.

The Internet of Moving Things (IoMT) encompasses moving objects – cars, trucks, buses, trains, people, wearable devices, mobile phones and tablets etc. – that can be tracked and exchange and interact with bits of data via cellular or WiFi Internet connections. Moving objects play a pivotal role in modern life so it naturally follows that they would be connected to networks.

crowded cars driving at flyover,long exposure.

Network connectivity coupled with mobility is the foundation for IoMT data analysis that will drive the future of innovations in transportation, from more efficient public transit to autonomous vehicles and smart cities. The Internet of Moving Things delivers the ability to map, visualize, monitor, analyze and gain real-time and historical insights from the resulting data from connected moving things. And DB4IoT is the perfect database engine for working with this specialized data using our Internet of Moving Things software tools.

From world-class interactive maps to charts, graphs and web dashboards, DB4IoT delivers intuitive IoMT analytical tools that save time and money for public transit agencies, traffic planners and modelers, government agencies, engineering firms and more.

TriMet Route 15 Eastbound Delay by Route Distance

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