Now Available Nationwide:
pre-Covid data for Feb 2020
Starting at only $4,600

With over ten million daily passenger vehicles that report every three seconds while driving, Wejo collects the most detailed connected vehicle data in the nation.  Moonshadow’s Mobility Analytics Platform, DB4IoT, generates traffic insights from millions of Wejo trips in an interactive map-based online platform.

We now have the February 2020 data from Wejo available nationwide.  With Covid-19 disrupting traffic starting on Friday March 13, 2020 this is the last full month that can be used for pre-Covid transportation analytics.  Moonshadow is making this high quality Wejo data available very inexpensively so it can be used for projects from the largest planning study to the smallest corridor performance analysis.

DB4IoT with Wejo is a Platform as a Service (PaaS).  Customers access the DB4IoT platform with millions of Wejo trips through a web browser.  There is no software to install, servers to set up or data to load.  Moonshadow takes care of all of the data wrangling and server infrastructure.

Moonshadow charges a setup fee of $4,500 plus a monthly subscription fee while you use the platform.  The monthly platform fee is $100 per 100,000 trips.  With this pricing using 200,000 trips to analyze corridor performance for a month would cost just $4,700 ($4,500 + 2x$100).  A county-wide O/D analysis where engineers need five months of access to DB4IoT and use one million trips is only $9,500 ($4,500 + 5x10x$100).  Training and technical support is included at no charge.  There are no other charges and there is no limit to the number of queries executed.  You can be very specific in how you select the data.  For a mid-week morning peak bridge study, for instance, you can choose to only license trips that crossed the bridge Tuesday through Thursday between 6am and 9am during the month.  DB4IoT will include all waypoints from the trip origin to the destination for trips that passed through the bridge during this time.  Data selections can also be made specifying the origin or destination county, city or ZIP code, trips that are over a certain length or trips that drive on freeways and much more.

With hundreds of millions of trips nationwide for February 2020, DB4IoT with Wejo Data can be used for many different use cases from large scale planning projects to analyzing the performance of corridors and intersections.  Origin/Destination matrices can be generated at any level from counties and cities down to Census Block Groups or TAZs.  A Select Link feature shows where traffic is coming from and going to for any road segment at any day of the week and time of day.  DB4IoT uses OpenStreetMaps and ESRI to show speeds and observed volumes over maps and satellite images.  The Wejo data is so precise that you can recognize lanes and look at merging traffic.  Congestion can be analyzed in detail and DB4IoT includes a feature to play back an animation showing how a traffic incident affected traffic over time.  Harsh breaking data can be included to show where dangerous situations exist before accidents occur.

DB4IoT with pre-Covid Wejo Data
Setup  $     4,500
Monthly Subscription per 100,000 Trips  $        100


Moonshadow has access to Wejo data going back to April 2019 and with Moonshadow Live Traffic we can provide a real-time solution using data from Wejo.  Please contact  (East) or (West) today to schedule a demo.