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Introducing a Network of Pass Through Gates

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We’ve added some exciting new features to empower engineers, planners and agencies to easily create networks of pass-through gates in the DB4IoT interactive mobility analytics platform. These networks can be as simple or complex as necessary to answer the specific questions at hand for your detailed analysis. Watch the following video for an overview.

Generate Freeway Origin-Destination Matrices Interactively

DB4IoT with INRIX Trips – I-205 On-ramps and Off-ramps are selectors in the side panel

Vehicle speed of 200M waypoints visualized in DB4IOT with INRIX Trips with time chart

Vehicle speed of 200M INRIX waypoints (Portland, OR) visualized in DB4IOT with INRIX Trips with time chart.

Copenhagen, Denmark Speed Map – DB4IoT with INRIX Trips

Every dot is one vehicle reporting its position and speed at a specific moment in time. Speed is shown in kilometers per hour (km/h).

DB4IoT with INRIX Trips – Video

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DB4IoT with INRIX Trips is a joint offering from INRIX and Moonshadow that combines INRIX Trips data with Moonshadow’s DB4IoT database engine to power an intuitive, cloud-based trips analytics platform. The combined solution enables customers to quickly find, filter and interact with the data needed for a specific project and provides fast insights into the trips people make (origin-destination) over time on maps, charts and graphs.

DB4IoT for Public Transit – Overview Video

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As a public transit agency you’ve invested millions of dollars in equipment to collect data. You’re collecting passenger counts, speeds, delays, location, movement and more on every bus every few seconds. This data is a gold mine of valuable information that could enable your transit agency to better track performance. But there’s so much data that you can’t easily and affordably make it available for instant analysis. With DB4IoT you can! Watch the video to learn more.

Heat Chart of All Delays by Route Number and Time of Day on July 7, 2017

This heat chart image from DB4IoT shows the delays by route number and time of day for all TriMet buses on July 7, 2017.

Heat Chart Analytics for Public Transit

This image shows the number of passengers on TriMet Bus Route #9 Westbound during Weekdays on Powell from the intersection of Powell and I5 all the way to Powell and 40th. The image was generated automatically from data that was recorded on every bus that ran on weekdays between May 31st 2017 and July 9th 2017. The X-axis shows the distance traveled in feet along Route #9. The Y-axis shows the time of day. The number of passengers is called the “Estimated Load” in TriMet’s lingo. The Estimated load is colored from a low passenger […]

Delay by Route and Distance

From world-class interactive maps to charts, graphs and web dashboards, DB4IoT delivers intuitive Internet of Moving Things analytical software tools that save time and money for public transit agencies, traffic planners and traffic modelers, government agencies, transportation engineering firms and more.