A Database Engine Purpose-Built for the Internet of Moving Things

Performance analytics from GTFS data feeds

DB4IoT Route Analyst GTFS creates speed, delay and headway maps, charts and graphs instantly from GTFS and GTFS-RealTime data feeds provided by public transit agencies.

Learn more about DB4IoT Route Analyst GTFS.


DB4IoT with INRIX Trips data

A joint offering from INRIX and Moonshadow Mobile that combines INRIX Trips data with Moonshadow’s DB4IoT database engine to power an intuitive, cloud-based trips analytics platform.

Learn more about DB4IoT with INRIX Trips data

A time-series database engine powering innovations in transportation

DB4IoT has the potential to transform operations and optimizations for public transit agencies, inform short and long term transportation planning and transportation engineering efforts and unleash the potential of connected vehicle data.

DB4IoT can track and display the GPS location, vehicle health, diagnostic, and other sensor data, from tens of thousands of moving objects simultaneously over interactive maps. This provides the ability to track, monitor, and analyze transit data collected from moving objects – cars, trucks, buses, trains, shipments, people, and more. Visualize Internet of Moving Things data over interactive maps in real time and play back historical transit data animations with analytics and dashboards.


DB4IoT is a NoSQL columnar store that does not require compression/decompression. DB4IoT loads time and geospatial segments of columns into memory as needed. As a result it can traverse very large databases extremely fast on relatively modest servers resulting in significant operational cost savings. Use a variety of provided API’s to seamlessly integrate data from DB4IoT into your web applications and mobile apps.

Time, location, temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, speed, direction, current, voltage, CAD/AVL data, connected vehicle data, traffic data etc. – whatever measurements your IoT sensors capture, DB4IoT is the hassle-free and affordable way to store that Internet of Moving Things data and make it available for instant analytics and visualizations.


Data Size Reduction

DB4IoT shrinks your in-memory data footprint up to 95%, reducing server expenses.


Data Ingestion Speed

DB4IoT delivers extremely high data ingestion speed. Stream more data!


Low Latency

Extremely low latency between ingestion and query. Query ingested events instantly.

Analytics Speed

DB4IoT powers 200 Million records/second/cpu on current and historical time-series data.

Geospatial Visualization

Visualize objects over maps in real time. 10 images/second on a 500 million+ events database.

Wherever You Need It

DB4IoT is a time-series database engine that runs in the cloud or can be installed on your own servers.