Analyzing Real-World Cellular Connectivity Metrics Over Time

Reliable cellular connectivity is a necessity for transit agencies and vehicle fleet operators

Transit agencies and fleet managers are turning to IoT technologies to connect their vehicles with operations systems to track vehicle and driver performance, monitor fuel efficiency, deliver electronic ticketing and fare systems and increase efficiencies in real-time route and schedule management. DB4IoT provides interactive tools to analyze cellular performance. Watch the video to see how we do it.

Analyze cellular network quality over time and space

DB4IoT transforms your CAD/AVL data into a comprehensive overview of cellular network connectivity quality over time and space.

Visualize cellular network quality over time on maps

We convert tens of thousands of files with hundreds of millions of measurements into a single database that you access from maps.

Animate and play back hundreds of millions of measurements

DB4IoT creates an animated time-map that visualizes months of data in a single time-map with graphs, charts and dashboards.

Cellular network performance can fluctuate significantly over time

The connectivity situation can change minute-by-minute and day-by-day due to several contributing factors including weather, radio interference, the number of active connections to an individual cell tower, equipment automatically switching from one tower to another, overall network congestion, additions or reductions to the capacity of certain towers, various network changes implemented by cellular carriers and other factors That’s why static coverage maps only provide a very limited view that often doesn’t reflect the actual real-world performance for mission critical operations in the dynamic world of transit and moving objects.

DB4IoT delivers much more than static coverage maps

Static cellular coverage and signal-strength maps can only approximate a basic overview. DB4IoT not only provides up-to-date, real-time performance maps but users can also pick any slice of time to view, visualize and analyze historical cellular performance in “playback” mode. DB4IoT allows you to compare fluctuating cellular performance levels encompassing the range of real-world situations your moving vehicles experience every day.

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