Route Analyst CAD-AVL1

Route Analyst CAD/AVL- Create Speed and Delay Maps, Charts, Graphs and Spreadsheets Instantly from your CAD/AVL Data

King County Metro Route 102619 Westbound Weekdays Speed at Tukwila International Blvd Station

Route Analyst CAD/AVL is breakthrough public transit routing software that gives transportation engineers and planners the ability to view hundreds of millions of movement points instantly and show exactly when and where traffic is slowing down bus movement and creating service delays.

Public transit agencies are tasked with moving passengers efficiently and predictably. Agencies seek to understand how well they are performing this task and how they can improve travel times and predictability. With Route Analyst CAD/AVL transit agencies can look at each individual route over time and maps simultaneously to analyze how driving speeds, travel delays, passenger loads and headway change. DB4IoT’s transportation route planning software helps transit agencies identify bottlenecks and ways to improve them.

  • Leverage the full value of your CAD/AVL data to gain a deep understanding of route-level performance and conditions.
  • Analyze routes: instantly analyze the speeds, delays, passenger loads and headway on any route for any service day for any time period.
  • Create maps, charts and spreadsheets from your CAD/AVL data with a few mouse clicks.
  • Store your CAD/AVL data long term and access it for analysis instantly.
  • Does not require any operational changes or software development by the transit agency.

Most transit agencies have installed Computer Aided Dispatch & Automated Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) systems on their buses as part of their Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) suite. These CAD/AVL systems generate enormous amounts of data. Agencies routinely back this data up but do not keep it accessible. Moonshadow has introduced a service, Route Analyst CAD/AVL, to store this data long term and make it continually available for analysis.


King County Metro Route 102619 Westbound Weekdays Travel Time Graph and Speed Map

TriMet Line 33 Southbound Weekdays Passenger Load by Distance and Time of Day

Translink Route 31602 Eastbound Travel Time and Speed

Setting up Route Analyst CAD/AVL starts with uploading the service schedule as a GTFS file and providing route maps. Transit agencies can upload their data files for buses to the DB4IoT servers daily after returning to the terminal or the data for multiple months can be combined in a single data feed. Route Analyst CAD/AVL does not require any operational changes or software development by the agency. The only requirement is that the CAD/AVL files are made available on a server that DB4IoT has access to.

TriMet uses its CAD/AVL system and records ‘Breadcrumbs’ every 5 seconds. The breadcrumb records contain the time, location, speed and several other variables. The CAD/AVL system also records service stop times, passenger counts and many other variables in a Stop Events database. Delays are recorded on the timed service stops. Route Analyst CAD/AVL has the capacity to store years of breadcrumb data and combine this in a single database that can be visualized over maps instantly.

Route Analyst CAD/AVL was developed in close cooperation with DKS Associates, a leading transportation consulting firm in Portland, Oregon, and data engineers from TriMet. Read our blog post white paper for more details.

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