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Performance analytics from your GTFS feeds

Route Analyst GTFS creates speed, delay and headway maps, charts and graphs instantly from GTFS and GTFS-RealTime feeds.

Route Analyst GTFS is cloud-based database and analytics software that empowers transit agencies with an innovative suite of remarkably-affordable and easy-to-use tools that deliver actionable insights and valuable conclusions derived from the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS and GTFS-RealTime) data feeds that you already generate.

Route Analyst GTFS does not require any extra work, equipment, servers or staff time from the transit agency. We pick up your GTFS and GTFS-RealTime data feeds and the DB4IoT database engine, algorithms and tools do the number crunching for you. Transit agency staff simply logs in to their online instance of Route Analyst GTFS to visualize and analyze performance over any historical time range, over a single route, multiple routes or the entire transit system.

Route Analyst GTFS empowers transit agencies to view each individual route over time and maps simultaneously to analyze how driving speeds, travel delays, passenger loads and headway change. This helps transit agencies identify performance bottlenecks and ways to improve them.

Delay Maps, Charts and Graphs

  • See how your routes were run on a specific day, week, or month
  • See when and where delays were incurred
  • See if your delays are getting better or worse over time
  • Compare weekdays and weekends over long time periods to identify trends

Headway Maps, Charts and Graphs

  • Look at headway on maps and in charts
  • Compare actual headway to scheduled headway

Speed Maps, Charts and Graphs

  • Review driving speeds on maps and in charts
  • Identify traffic congestion over time and place
  • Compare driving speeds over long time periods to see trends

Real-Time Maps

  • Follow the movement of all your vehicles in real time on maps

Movement Replay

  • Play back the movement of any selection of your vehicles from any point in the past*

Passenger Counts

  • See when and where you have the highest and lowest passenger counts**


  • Route Analyst GTFS runs in the cloud
  • No extra work, equipment, servers or staff time is required

* Play back vehicle movement from any point in the past since you signed up for Route Analyst GTFS
** Available if your GTFS-RealTime Vehicle Position feed includes passenger count information.

SpeedMap: TriMet buses record their speed every five seconds. Each colored dot shows a speed measurement of a bus.

TriMet: Heat Chart of all Delays by Routenumber and Time of Day 07/07/2017

TriMet Bus Markers

Follow the movement of all your vehicles in real time or play back historical movement on maps

TriMet: Estimated Load Route 9 Westbound from 40th to I205