Code Orange featured imageArcadis, a global design, engineering and consulting company, kicked off the first Code Orange, a data analytics hackathon, in North America last week! Focused on hacking mobility in Los Angeles, Arcadis brought together data scientists, mobility experts and partners including Moonshadow to create and present data-driven prototype solutions in four intensely collaborative days, October 18-21.

Wander Boesjes (East Coast Sales Engineer) represented Moonshadow at the event and worked closely with several of the Code Orange teams as they leveraged the power of Moonshadow’s DB4IoT with INRIX Trips analytics platform during the hackathon process.

The teams tackled a variety of different scenarios and potential solutions for dealing with increased traffic generated by mega events that happen often in Los Angeles. Some of the ways the hackathon teams used DB4IoT with INRIX Trips included:

  • Generated Origin-Destination tables to determine parking demand for particular LA neighborhoods to forecast more optimal parking pricing and time limits.
  • Queries from DB4IoT to compare and contrast how mega events in the LA area affect traffic flow.
  • Set up alternative parking zones for mega-events to prevent overload on road networks.
  • Used DB4IoT to analyze average traffic flow, then created an app to encourage drivers to use alternative routes during big events.
  • Analyzed traffic data in DB4IoT to forecast what would happen if all trucks were pulled out of the downtown area during a big event.

It was an exciting and fun three days of collaboration and Moonshadow was happy to be an integral part of working with our friends at Arcadis. We look forward to the next time.

Code Orange 1

Code Orange 2