We decided to do something very unusual in the transportation industry: we are offering a Holiday Sale for DB4IoT with Wejo data.

With over ten million daily passenger vehicles that report every three seconds while driving Wejo collects the most detailed connected vehicle data in the nation.  Moonshadow’s Mobility Analytics Platform, DB4IoT, generates traffic insights from millions of Wejo trips in an interactive map-based online platform.

Wejo is offering Moonshadow great pricing for orders we place before the holidays and we decided to pass on our savings to our customers:

Holiday Pricing

February 2020 is the last pre-Covid month and this will enable you to analyze normal movement and traffic conditions in your area.

Contact wander@moonshadowmobile.com (East) or avery@moonshadowmobile.com (West) to learn more about our Holiday Sale or to schedule a demo.